Located on the Hobart Barn in North Square, a series inspired by Cowls history.

Artist: Joe Dulude II

Medium: exterior paint on wood

Artist statement:

In this work, artist Joe Dulude II continues his exploration of the juxtaposition of the masculine and the feminine that he began in his #MascFem series. What is masculine? What is feminine?  Why do we have these preconceived notions in our head? This piece explores not only that but also the juxtaposition of the past and the future. Using a vintage picture of the loggers from the lumber mill, Joe has combined them with drag artists to  create new images that pose the questions: Why are some of us so afraid of our past? Why are some of us so afraid of the future and change? Change is inevitable. We have to learn to embrace where we came from, examine it, unpack it and make sense of it. Only then can we move forward to able to truly embrace a future that is for all.


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