The Mill District welcomes Futura Coffee Roasters and their international team of specialty coffee and regenerative agricultural professionals. Local lead Vic Scutari of Leverett grew up working at his mom’s Wendell Deja Brew Café and has become a world-renowned coffee consultant. “It’s been a dream of mine to open my own venue. I’m so proud to be partnering with Sebastian and Felipe.”

Colombian founding partners Sebastian Villamizar and Felipe Sardi represent Equation Coffee exporters and Libertario Coffee Roasters. Their coffee shops in Portland, OR and The Mill District, North Amherst, are mission-based, and will support regenerative agriculture projects in both South America and locally.
Food will feature local ingredients from farmers who share their commitment to soil biodiversity and use regenerative agriculture as much as possible.
“The destiny of Tomorrow is decided by our actions today,” says Sebastian Villamizar. “At Futura we are doers and our contributions to local sustainable agriculture start now.”

Felipe explains: “We are taking five actions to create a new reality for our planet:

– We’ve created a Soil Regeneration Fund that supports South American and local sustainable ag
– We sell only regenerative agriculture coffee
– Our suppliers share our purpose
– We use compostable coffee bags
– We create partnerships to achieve a net positive future.”

The quest for quality coffee is inextricably linked to a healthy climate, their website explains. Nutrient rich soils, biodiverse ecosystems, and sustainable communities are what separates good coffee from bad coffee. Monocultural crops like coffee are significant contributors to climate change and biodiversity loss. If coffee were continued to be grown the way it has been to date, the planet would have less than 50 years left of soil. Fifty harvest seasons left. Futura Coffee Roasters are changing the planet, one cup at a time. 3% of Futura’s total sales are going to help local farmers and gardeners achieve sustainable agricultural practices. “Of all the coffee roasters to open shop in The Mill District, it had to be Futura. It’s destiny that such like-minded mission-driven people would find us,” said Cinda Jones, Mill District founder and President of WD Cowls, Massachusetts’ largest and sustainability awards-winning agricultural producer.

Futura Coffee hopes to be open for business before the end of 2022, after local designer Sarah Ettleman helps to build out the space with clean and natural aesthetics including living roof features. A special occasion Cakery for people and dogs is negotiating space adjacent to Futura Coffee, and Provisions Wines and fine foods is anticipated to move across the square adjacent to the Cakery. A brew pub is intended to fill the Cow Barn space, and other grocery niches may fill in the growing gourmet food corridor.

The Mill District, North Amherst was created to invigorate community connections in the Internet age providing experiential retail, great eats, and lots of fun for all ages. 7,000sf of retail space remains available for lease. Existing tenants include The North Amherst Library; Balanced Birch Pilates and Gyrotonics; The Closet; Graze Craze; The Mill District General Store and Local Art Gallery; The Lift Salon; a new restaurant (about to be announced); Cowls Building Supply; Provisions; and the Riverside Park Shops including Amherst House of Pizza, Shine Laundry, and Big Guy Liquors. An international grocery store is set to open in August.

For up-to-date community and event information see https://themilldistrictna.com/events/ and @TheMillDistrictNA on social.

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